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We are originally from Uruapan, Michoacan, Avocado Capital of the World. However, we decided to settle in a different location from the others. “Ario de Rosales,” we are the first and only packing house with a export permit to the United States of America in this municipality.


In 2011 we expanded to the state of Nayarit, in the municipality of Xalisco,” Rancho El Carrizal” where we have worked hard to be pioneers in the export of avocado hass from this state.


In 2018 we travelled to Zitacuaro, Michoacan and set up a facility in this avocado growing region to provide us with certified and non-certified avocado all year round.

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Who we are ?

We are a company with over 235 employees.  Everyone who works at CDA makes a continuous effort to improve day by day. Here at CDA we take pride in planting, harvesting, transporting, packing, and distributing our avocados.

Since 2010 we have exported avocado to different parts of the world, mainly Canada and USA.

In 2017 we strengthen our position in the Canadian Market thanks to our customers.  As a member of APEAM we are certified and authorized to export avocados to the United States of America.

We also distribute avocados within the Mexico’s National Market and collaborate with the guacamole industry. We provide more than 4,000 tons of avocado per year to this industry supplying them from different states of Mexico.

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