Why is food safety important?

by Tim Linden


Source: Servicio Nacional de Sanidad, Inocuidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria

Agricultural and livestock food safety is essential for Mexican products to be more competitive.

Food safety is a peculiarity in any edible material that does not cause damage to the health of whoever consumes it due to any chemical, physic or biologic contaminant.

It is important that national producers carry out satisfactory practices in manufacturing processes in order to reduce impurities in vegetables and animals for human consumption, thus protecting public health and becoming more competitive selling products in better conditions.

SENASICA promotes, regulates and certifies the application of systems of reduction of risks of food contamination.

Food safety of a product can be affected by chemical agents, which can be hormones, antibiotics or pesticides; microbiologic virus and bacteria; as physical contaminants are, for instance, metal pieces, splints, among others.

Therefore, during all food-production chain, big or small producers should consider this aspects so they have a better harvest and obtain a greater revenue.


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