From orchards to shelf

We’re growers, packers, shippers and distributors of the finest Mexican Hass avocados



Mexico is the largest avocado supplier in the world.
Casa del Aguacate is able to provide year-round fresh supply.



Our state of the art packing houses in Michoacan and Nayarit are designed with the highest technology and capacity.



All our product is managed and transported by company personnel.



Our offices in Morelia, Mexico and Westlake, California work hand in hand to ensure top quality and on time delivery.


Rest assured we are packing the best certified avocados

Primus GFS
Global GAP

Our pride and joy

52 week conventional and organic programs in bulk and bag packaging with all food safety certifications delivered in company-owned trucks to the U.S.


Top quality always on time, wherever you are.

Sharing Avocado goodness with the world.

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It's a family affair

The Larios family brings decades of Avocado experience to the industry with two state of the art packing houses in Mexico (Michoacán and Nayarit), Sales & Marketing Office in California, with cold storage/ripening facilities across de US.

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Let's get technical

Sizes, seasons, ripeness and all the info to get you up and running as a true avocado connoisseur.

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Delicious recipes and all the benefits of this super food.

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